hardships, good heart, patience
Remember, these hardships are meant to soften your heart and accept God is in charge.

Don’t lose that good heart

It is unimaginably hard, and scary when you know why your wound is hurting and what you need to do to stop the bleeding, but have no courage to do it. Of course, This life is not all happiness or all sadness. It keeps changing from peaceful and happy times to hard and challenging trials… Continue Reading →

A Walk To Remember
While walking together, each word said by my him today has become an eternal source in my memory, to gain my lost strength back during any part of my life.

A walk to remember

04/26/2020, Sunday — 3:45pm If I start recalling and counting all the blessings I have ever had since my first memory which I remember, I will definitely count him first. I am sure all dads are extraordinary in their unusual ways, but he is the most weirdly amazing and heroic man in my life. COVID-19… Continue Reading →

Respect your dreams and stay determined.
Why don’t you get married?

Forbidden Questions

I am not a hardcore feminist or a woman who has any problem with this man dominating culture everywhere; it’s just I have a unique personality and some dreams like you. I want to write about something I am facing for quite a time. I guess it’s a universal bitterness of people to keep asking… Continue Reading →

In love, it is best to keep Self-Respect aside sometimes.
In love, it is best to keep Self-Respect aside sometimes.

Love and Self-Respect

Nowadays, you will come across different quotes on social media that “in love, don’t let your emotions or attachments lose your self-respect.” Another most popular one is “if they genuinely love you, they will take time for you without you asking & begging for it.” While reading this, before applying these kinds of quotes into… Continue Reading →

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